Blog # 5:  Justin Rudelson and William Jankowiak, “Acculturation and Resistance: Xinjiang Identities in Flux”

Again, another very interesting piece. Here Jankowaik and Rudelson discuss how China wants to weaken the Uyghur by implementing policies that weaken and divide the people and cause them to act in three different ways: through acculturation which the most favored, nonviolence, and finally, violent resistance. Fluxes in Chinese policies from hard to soft are radical and dramatic and very confusing for the people. These hard and soft policies are contradictory as they implement ethnic tolerance and intolerance at the same time. It reminds me a bit of the “Good cop/Bad cop” theory! The soft are used to win them over, and then the hard are to clamp down on their independence. An example of this is the promotion of mosques and then their shutting down. It seems as though they are constantly testing the people, like lab mice! The State is also promoting “cultural diversity” only used really to discourage pan-ethic movements from arising in the region. One must ask though, how can you “promote cultural diversity” if you are trying to wipe out the differences between groups and acculturate them all into Han ways?? Another thing they have tried to do is make other minority groups such as the Kazaks to make them stronger by promoting their educated people. To overcome this, they must learn to overcome their local oasis identities based on geography.