A hobby of mine is to learn more about the world I live in, especially on topics I know nothing about, much like this one. My name is Abnous and having grown up as a New Yorker, and now a Torontonian, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Having said that, I was flipping through pictures posted by a friend of mine who traveled China for a year when I suddenly came across pictures of a city filled with Middle eastern inspired architecture. The next few photos revealed something to me that should not have caught me by surprise but had done so nonetheless… there were pictures of Turkish styles of writing, pictures of what appeared to be mosques, pictures of women with beautiful features, dressed in colourful dresses resembling those found in the Middle East. Why was I so surprised to find out that these were the Muslims of China? I realized that I had fallen prey to certain images and stereotypes of China unconsciously, so much so that despite the great population of Muslims within that country, I stared at those pictures in shock. To make up for my lack of knowledge in the subject as well as the allure of having fusions between the Chinese ways of life with one dictated by Islam led me to enrol in an Islam in China course at the University of Toronto where we were encouraged to create blogs. So this is my interactive way of learning as well as informing others about my journey through the highly controversial topic of Islam in China. I hope you will join me and add to this excitement!


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